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My Favourite Kind of Weather

The summer of 2018 brought temperature’s like none I had ever experienced in London, having lived here for the past 19 years!

With average temperatures in the 30’s, a normally wet, grey and miserable England could have easily been mistaken for somewhere in the tropics.

What was absolutely, unmistakably noticeable, was the change the sun brought to the moods of the British folk. Total strangers who would normally ignore your polite Good Mornings, would now engage in friendly banter and dog walkers who typically only had eyes for their dogs, would smile and say hello.

Similarly, customarily conservative neighbours were now eager to expound on how they intended to take advantage of the heat, while other friendlier neighbours were either throwing endless BBQ’s or asking our help to fill up inflatable pools for the neighbourhood children to cool off in. Occasionally, even the adults would join in the water games of splashing, while I always managed (so far) to escape getting splashed for reasons that only my screwed-up face could explain.

Yes, there was something about the sun. It not only brought out crazy screaming kids, but it brought out the big kids in grown ups too. It undoubtedly brought out good vibes and a lot of flesh!!

Yes, it did. The sun brought out a whole lot of nakedness on the streets of London and I could perhaps understand why.

After what normally feels like 11 months of cold, dreary winter, with pale skins hiding under thickly padded winter coats, it was no surprise that every Susannah, Rosie and Denise was desperate to bronze as much flesh as possible, not forgetting some Tom, Dick and Harry’s too.

Indeed, I don’t know what it is about the sun and blue skies, but we certainly love them!

So, having somewhat gotten used to the cloudless skies, I found myself waking up every morning with the routine of hurriedly drawing back the curtains to just double check that the weatherman was still worthy of his job. Indeed, there I was looking for blue, cloudless skies. I cherished every endless piece of blue that infinitely spread above my head. I had so come to love a cloudless sky!

Perhaps it was due to the feeling of happiness and bliss that it gave, mingled with a hint of nostalgia of innocent and care free childhood days spent in the Caribbean.

Oh yes, my favourite weather had to be sunny, until one day the Spirit whispered, ‘Look for the clouds.’

‘Pardon’ I found myself saying out.

‘He is coming with clouds, so look for the clouds!’

‘Look for that little cloud, the size of a man’s fist. Keep your eyes out for that cloud as it gets bigger and closer. Yes, one of those clouds is bringing in Jesus. Keep your focus on the clouds not on the sun.’

So, go ahead and ask me, do I still love sunny, blue skies? Of course, I do, but you probably already guessed, that the weather I love most is overcast!!


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